The aim is to enhance your skills by helping to improve your technique in speed, aim and accuracy.
Our interactive targets will help you focus on doing that simply and easily. With Instant feedback on your smart device you can track your progress. This allows shooters to improve their skills by quickly being able to compare their aiming point and where the actual bullet impacted the target. You will be able to track each bullet impact by order of hit. Also, the back camera records the shooter hence giving the shooter a powerful tool to improve proper posture and trigger control.

Special cyrus targets training

Aim Better

By using Cyrus targets, you will be able to improve your shooting by seeing each single bullet impact. You will know when you missed and why. You will be able to join our Cyrus target training online. Currently, we are in negotiation with one of the best shooters in the world to create Cyrus online training system. Through this system, you will be able to attend one of the best shooting training courses without the need to travel.

Draw faster

By using our back camera, you will be able to record yourself and see where and how you can improve. You will be able to draw, aim and shoot much faster.

Shoot more accurately

Our targets are aimed to increase your proficiency in gun training in order to improve essential skills.


If you are looking for skill enhancement in hunting, serious tactical training, training for competition, or just blasting zombies, our targets can do it all! We strive to make every interactive moving target on our Cyrus app as entertaining and engaging as possible to give the shooter the ultimate experience while giving real-time feedback that helps track performance. With Cyrus targets you can experience the excitement of seeing an image of an animal or a battle combat come to life. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced shooter, our targets will cover all your needs and the options to choose from are numerous. Our targets are set-up into four categories suited for different demands; Hunters, Military and self defence, Sports and Games. Our targets range from IPSC targets to moving interactive targets that react. Our targets are entertaining, engaging and a lot of fun.


The system was designed with the shooter in mind. There are three components to Cyrus targets: the Main unit, the Target unit, and the Cyrus application. More about Cyrus unit