Main unit


The system was designed with the shooter in mind. There are three components to Cyrus targets: the Main unit, the Target unit, and the Cyrus application. The Cyrus app offers a wide range of interactive targets ranging from real-life images, drill training, tactical practice training, realistic scenarios and games from where the shooter can choose from. After target selection has been made, the main unit projects the image onto the target unit.

Once the bullet hits the target unit, the main unit detects where the bullet struck and instantly displays, records, and evaluates every bullet impact on your smart device. It can be set-up indoors or outdoors for both close and long range shooting and works with any firearm.

Cyrus targets how it works


The main unit is a compact case made from durable aluminium with a protective hardox front shield. Inside the main unit is a powerful 5500 lumens daylight projector, two built-in cameras, a control unit, a microphone and speaker, a communications unit and a long-lasting rechargeable battery. All you have to do is set up the main unit 10 feet away from the target unit. The main unit receives input from the smart device and projects a crystal crisp image onto the target unit. It detects every shot on the surface of the target unit, analyses it and sends the data to the Cyrus app. In case of long – range shooting, the Cyrus app uses a microphone, speaker and camera from your smart device instead of the main unit. In order to give you the ultimate experience, you can connect multiple units together so they will communicate and work together in order to create an absolute realistic scenario.  


The target unit is a custom frame designed with a unique system of two built-in scrolls, a long-lasting rechargeable battery and motor. The frame is made from aluminium with Hardox casing and is easy to mount and dismount. The target unit receives input from the main unit via wifi. When struck multiple times, the main unit will automatically signal the target unit to scroll down and a new surface will appear without the hassle of hand manually doing it yourself.



Meticulously designed our patent pending advanced target system is a clever innovation that combines real life image, movement, and sound to shooting targets.

It’s for everyone

Whether you are a professional or beginner hunter, law enforcement, military, sport shooter or into games, everyone can benefit from it.


Can be set up indoor, outdoor, it is waterproof and can be taken anywhere, anytime.

Immediate results

Cyrus app tracks progress and provides a detailed analysis of your shooting session.

Instant entertainment

Guaranteed to maximise your time at the range. Cyrus targets provide a real-life immersive experience of adrenaline filled targets. Beyond a doubt, the best interactive moving shooting targets available.

Join the community

Connect with fellow Cyrus Target users, compete with anyone in the world, share scores, compare your skills and share your progress on all mayor social media platforms.